Moment One

So here it goes.

I’ve been thinking and re-thinking and over-thinking this since January, when I decided that this year I need to take some steps to figure out what comes next.

It took the BEA 2016 registration form to finally get me to take that first step and choose a blog name because you can’t get a name tag without one.  (So much for hoping to get inspired while at the conference!) Luckily, Joe was home to help me with the final deliberations and so full credit goes to him for the perfect blog name. I love the ambiguity of is it “lives” as in the plural noun form of life? Or is it the present tense of the verb to live?

Since I intend to focus on reading,reviewing and thinking about memoirs, that is, collections of moments in a person’s life, the noun form resonates.  However, I don’t want to be so strict that I can’t share a moment or two from my own life, so the verb form works for those other miscellaneous posts.

Next up?  Figure out how to change the photo away from the raspberries.  After that?  Wish me luck!



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